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Dr. Arghya Paul

Arghya Paul (Principle Investigator), is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering and BioEngineering Graduate Program at the University of Kansas (Lawrence, USA). He did Postdoctoral Research training with multiple Canadian scholarships in the laboratory of Prof. Ali Khademhosseini at Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology & Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering (Boston, USA). He received his PhD in Biomedical Engineering with NSERC-CGSD Scholarship (Canada) at McGill University (Montreal, Canada). 

He directs the Bio-Intel Laboratory to develop new class of biofunctional nanomaterials for drug and gene delivery, regenerative tissue engineering and advanced biomedical devices for translational research. Specifically, the lab aims to: (1) innovate at the biomolecular and cellular level to develop biomedical technologies, (2) exploit the stem cell-material interactions and mechanistic pathways, and (3) discover therapeutic and diagnostic strategies which can be translated to point-of-care patient applications.

Fall Teaching :  CPE 656 & 756 - Introduction to Biomedical Engineering (Course Instructor)

Spring Teaching :  CPE 221 - Basic Thermodynamics (Course Instructor)

He believes in ......

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it” – Alan Kay

  Selected Papers

  1. Arghya Paul* (2015). Nanocomposite hydrogels: an emerging biomimetic platform for myocardial therapy and tissue engineering. Nanomedicine 10(9):1371-4

  2. Arghya Paul, MD Anwarul Hasan, Hamood Al-Kindi, Akhilesh Gaharwar, Mehdi Nikkhah, Mehmet Dokmeci, Dominique Shum-Tim, Ali Khademhosseini* (2014). Injectable Graphene Oxide/Hydrogel-Based Angiogenic Gene Delivery System for Vasculogenesis and Cardiac Repair. ACS Nano 8(8):8050-62

  3. Arghya Paul, Cynthia Elias, Dominique Shum-Tim, Satya Prakash* (2013). Bioactive baculovirus nanohybrids for stent based rapid vascular re-endothelialization. Scientific Reports - Nature Publisher 3:2366, doi:10.1038/srep02366.

  4. Arghya Paul, Anwarul Hasan, Laetitia Rodes, Satya Prakash* (2014). Bioengineered baculoviruses as new class of therapeutics using micro and nanotechnologies: Principles, prospects and challenges. Adv Drug Deliv Rev 71C:115-130

  5. Arghya Paul, Wei Shao, Dominique Shum-Tim, Satya Prakash* (2012). PAMAM Dendrimer-Baculovirus Nanocomplex for Microencapsulated Adipose Stem Cell-Gene Therapy: In Vitro and in Vivo Functional Assessment. ACS Molecular Pharmaceutics. 9 (9):2479-88

  6. Wei Shao, Arghya Paul, Laetitia Rodes, Satya Prakash (2013). Carbon Nanotube Lipid Drug Approach for Targeted Delivery of a Chemotherapy Drug in a Human Breast Cancer Xenograft Animal Model. Biomaterials S0142-9612(13)01090-9.

 Education / Research Experience

2014– Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering and Bioengineering Graduate Program, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, USA

Member: The Center For Epigenetics and Stem Cell Biology, Institute for Reproductive Health and Regenerative Medicine, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, USA
2012–2014 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences & Technology, Cambridge, USA (Advisor: Ali Khademhosseini)
Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Boston, USA
Research Topic: Advanced Tissue Engineering & NanoBiomaterials
2012– Research Fellow, Department of Cardiothoracic Research and Surgery, McGill University Health Centre, Montreal, Canada
Research Topic: Cardiovascular Therapeutics
2008–2012 PhD in Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University, Montreal, Canada (Advisor: S Prakash, D. Shum-Tim)
Research Topic: Nano-bioengineered cardiovascular implants & devices
2006-2008 MSc (A) in Biotechnology, McGill University [in collaboration with National Research Council (NRC)-Biotech Research Inst] (Advisor: S Prakash/C Elias), Montreal, Canada
Research Topic: Nano-vectors for gene therapy and angiogenesis
2005–2006 Project Executive at R&D in IFB Industries Ltd., India
Responsibilities: Project management at bioprocess and distillery plant
2004- Undergrad Training in Biotech Operation (R&D/Process Dev), Dr. Reddy's Lab Ltd
Research Topic: Production & purification technique of proteins (summer intern)
2001-2005 Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology, WBUT-Haldia, India
Responsibilities: Bioengineering (4 years Engineering program)

 Awards and Scholarships

2014- Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship awarded by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC, Canada) (declined)
2013- Leslie A. Geddes Award for the Best PhD Thesis, McGill University
2012- Fonds de Recherche Sante Quebec (FRSQ) Postdoctoral award at Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology & Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Boston (2 years)
2012- Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC, Canada) Postdoctoral Award (declined) (2 years)
2012- 2 McGill MedStar Awards for best publication and research contributions
2011- McGill MedStar Award for best paper publications
2011- Canada Graduate Scholarship-Michael Smith Foreign Study Award at Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Division
2010- Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship (NSERC-CGSD: 2 years)
2009- Fonds de Recherche Sante Quebec (FRSQ) Doctoral Award, Quebec, Canada (2 years)
2009- James O. Maria Meadows McGill Faculty of Medicine Internal Studentship for PhD studies (declined)
2008- McGill International Doctoral Awards

Our young scientists!

  • Settimio Pacelli

    Settimio Pacelli

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    Settimio is an expert on bioactive scaffolds, hydrogels for 3D cell-culture and drug delivery. Settimio and Arghya are old collaborators in many exciting projects while at Harvard-MIT HST Lab, Boston. Now back together again to continue the good work at KU!

  • Renae Michelle Waters

    Renae Michelle Waters

    PhD Student in BioEngineering

    Renae is working on stem cells for cardiac tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. She did her Bachelors in Chemistry from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and has received many honors during her studies. She received the 2015 NIH sponsored Biotechnology Pre-doctoral Training Scholarship.

  • Jon Whitlow

    Jon Whitlow

    PhD Student in BioEngineering

    He did his undergrad from KU Chemical Engineering and currently working on viral and non-viral gene delivery systems.

  • Saman Modaresi

    Saman Modaresi

    PhD Student in BioEngineering

    Saman did his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from KU. He is currently working on understanding the role of substrate biomechanics on cell behaviour.

  • Sayantani Basu

    Sayantani Basu

    PhD Student in Chemical Engineering

    Sayantani did her M. Tech in Polymer Science from IIT Delhi, India. She received DAD Scholarship to persue her thesis in RWTH Aachen University, Germany.

  • Aparna Chakravarti

    Aparna R. Chakravarti

    Research Associate

    Aparna completed her B.Tech in Biotechnology from SRM University, India with a Semester Abroad Program at Harvard. She is currently working on cardiac tissue engineering.

  • Sebastian

    Sebastian Huayamares

    Undergraduate Student

    He is a Sophomore in Chemical Engineering and currently working on IPN and double network hydrogels to treat bone defects. He currently holds a scholarship from KU and the Institute of International Education (IIE).

  • Kyle Ramp

    Kyle Ramp

    Undergraduate Student

    Kyle is a Sophomore in Biochemistry and is currently working on decellularized matrices and nanomaterials with K-INBRE Undergraduate Scholarship.

  • Zachary Rosenkrans

    Zachary Rosenkrans

    Undergraduate Student

  • Madeline Fang

    Madeline Fang

    Undergraduate Student

  • Cecilia


    Undergraduate Student

  • Alexandria Nolan

    Alexandria Nolan

    Undergraduate Student

    She is part of the Emerging Scholars Program (KU Center for Undergraduate Research).

  • Kyle Gilmore

    Kyle Gilmore

    Undergraduate Student

  • Kyley Burkey

    Kyley Burkey

    Undergraduate Student

BioIntel Alumni

  • Ryan Maloney

    Ryan Maloney

    M.S. in BioEngineering (June 2016)

    Ryan worked on nanocomposite hydrogel for drug delivery and bone tissue engineering. He did his undergrad in Biochemistry from University of Kansas and was on the Dean's list for all 6 semesters.

  • Sarah Schmitt

    Sarah Schmitt

    M.S. in BioEngineering (Oct 2016)

    Sarah worked on investigating the role of mechanical forces in celular response to drugs.

  • Kartikeya Singh Jodha

    Kartikeya Singh Jodha

    Undergraduate Student

    Undergraduate (international summer intern) in Biomedical Engineering from NIT - Rourkela, India.

  • Vijayan Manoharan

    Vijayan Manoharan

    Research Associate

    Vijay worked on biomimetic nanocomposite hydrogels. He did his masters from SASTRA University, India

  • Flavia Castanho

    Flavia Castanho

    Undergraduate Student

    She was a junior in Chemical Engineering, FACENS, Brazil and holder of Science Without Border Scholarship. She worked on developing biomimetic nanocomposites hydrogels for stem cells based regenerative medicine.

  • Helena Salt

    Helena Salt

    Undergraduate Student

    Helena was a Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering. She had worked on decellularized tissue for regeneration therapy (Under KU IMSD program).

  • Keiko M Suzuki

    Keiko M Suzuki

    Undergraduate Student

  • Megan

    Margaret Huwe

    Undergraduate Student

    She was a Junior in Chemical Engineering and had worked on nanomedicine.

  • Divya Murali

    Divya Murali

    Research Associate

    Undergraduate in Industrial Biotechnology from SASTRA University, India

  • Kunal Kshirsagar

    Kunal Kshirsagar

    Undergraduate Student

    Undergraduate in Chemical Engineering at KU.

  • Mitchell Kelly

    Mitchell Kelly

    Undergraduate Student

  • Austin Scobee

    Austin Scobee

    Undergraduate Student

    Austin was a Senior in Chemical Engineering. He worked on elastomeric biomaterials.